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Kristen Stewart To Make 'Micro-Cameo' In 'K-11' (MTV)

It seems that "K-11" is once again a family affair. The film's director, Jules Stewart, has managed to find a role for her superstar daughter, Kristen Stewart, who had previously exited the film. Her brother, Cameron, will also be in the film.

Jules told E! News that even though shooting on the film is complete, KStew really wanted to lend her support to the film, noting that Stewart's part is all done in voice-over.

"Kristen has always been supportive of 'K-11,' but you'll have to look very hard to find her. It's a micro-cameo," her mom told the website. "We'd already finished shooting the movie, but Kristen still wanted to be a part of it in some way."

The news of the cameo first broke on Jules' page, when she wrote, ""Excited to say that a final stage addition to @K11OfficialFilm is Kristen playing a small role. #K11"

So, who will K-Stew be playing? She'll play Goran Visnjic's secretary. The story follows his character, a record producer who binges on drugs and alcohol. He eventually finds himself in Los Angeles County Jail and in the section of the jail occupied by gay and transsexual inmates, run by one of the inmates named, Mousey.

Stewart had been attached to the film before dropping out last year. Her "Twilight" co-star Nikki Reed had also been attached to the film at one point. This film, which marks the directorial debut for Jules, also stars D.B. Sweeney ("Hard Ball") and Portia Doubleday ("Youth in Revolt"). There's no release date for the film yet, but it may be premiering at the Berlin Film Festival. ** Error by MTV, please note that K-11 didn't premiere at the BFF.

Old interview of Kristen with MTV from 2010 at "The Runaways" LA premiere where she talked about her then involvment with K-11:

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Claire Sinclair models for Bettie Page Clothing

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Photo: Jay Mewes, with Kevin Smith, backstage at The Tonight Show (March 23)

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Producer, Tom Wright, confirms post sound has wrapped on K-11

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Video: Billy Morrison at the Adopt the Arts Launch Event, mentions K-11

Billy mentions K-11 & acting at 3:34 mins.

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Kristen Stewart to Cameo in Her Mother's Directorial Debut K-11 (Collider)

When we spoke with Kristen Stewart way back in 2009, she talked about starring in her mother Jules Stewart‘s directorial debut K-11.  Her description of the role:

“I play a young girl who is not a girl. Her name is Butterfly. She’s autistic and that’s it. That’s Butterfly.”

As enticing as that sounds, Stewart’s schedule got crazy, so she is no longer Butterfly.  However, E! learned that the Twilight star will appear in the movie, albeit in a very minor capacity—what Jules Stewart calls a “micro-cameo.”  You’ll hear her voice as the secretary of “a dissipated record producer (Goran Visnjic), who finds himself locked up in L.A. County’s notorious K-11 unit, which specializes in special protection for LGBT inmates.”  Older brother Cameron Stewart will also appear in a role credited on IMDB as “Sledgehammer.”  This movie will be freaky.

Collider via and thanks @K11OfficialFilm 

Extract from Collider's interview with Kristen in 2009:

Kristen, your mom will direct you in an upcoming project. Can you talk about that?

STEWART: I've worked on the script with her a little bit so we have delved into it, in that sense of just writing. It's called K-11. This year for me has gotten really insane and absolutely psychotic. But, hopefully, next year, maybe in January, that's when we hope to do the movie. It's about a dorm that isn't widely known called K-11 that is located in L.A. County Jail. It's specifically for people that can't be put into general population and they need to be protected because they would be subject to a lot of danger. They're an eclectic bunch of people. There are famous people, gay people, cross-dressers, trannies and it's a story about a guy who finds himself in that dorm and he integrates himself into this hierarchy and then breaks out of it a couple of weeks later and it's just about that two weeks of his life in this world of really sort of damaged but functioning family of people.

Who do you play?

STEWART: I play a young girl who is not a girl. Her name is Butterfly. She's autistic and that's it. That's Butterfly.

Full interview HERE

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Video: K-11 Kristen Stewart's New Role (ClevverNews)

Please note: ClevverNews have been advised that they have incorrectly said in their report that K-11 starts production this July. Production started "last" July in 2011.

Kristen Stewart's role in K-11 revealed (EOnline)

Looks like Kristen Stewart has another project to add to her IMDb listing this year (as if On the Road, Snow White and the Huntsman and Breaking Dawn: Part 2 weren't enough)—and she's keeping it all in the family.

Though K.Stew's schedule kept her from taking on a starring role in mom Jules Stewart's directorial debut, K-11, she had enough time for a quick cameo. And we've got the exclusive scoop on who she will play:

Last night Jules (aka @RealJulesStew) sent Kristen fans in a tizzy when she tweeted: "Excited to say that a final stage addition to @K11OfficialFilm is Kristen playing a small role. #K11"

And we can confirm it's true! Representatives for Jules tell us that the younger Ms. Stewart will join the family (her brother Cameron Stewart is also appearing in the gritty drama) for a small role in the film.

So who will she play?

Karen, the secretary of Goran Visnjic's dissipated record producer, who finds himself locked up in L.A. County's notorious K-11 unit, which specializes in special protection for LGBT inmates. 

"Kristen has always been supportive of K-11," Jules told us exclusively, "but you'll have to look very hard to find her.  It's a micro-cameo." 

Actually, we should say you'll have to listen very hard.

Because Kristen's role is actually a voice-over: "We'd already finished shooting the movie, but Kristen still wanted to be a part of it in some way," Jules said.

Now you know to be on high alert for that oh-so-familiar voice when the movie debuts. And while rumors circulated the web that it would premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival, it's still currently in postproduction.

All right, all together now: Awww! We love to see the Stewart women supporting each other.

Source EOnline

Costume Designer, Sarah Trost, talks about Mousey's costume

Tell us about this costume and what you were thinking.

Jules Stewart, the Director of K-11, told me I had to create costumes using only things that could be found within K-11 itself, so I was thinking I have 12 components to work with.  I have to sew this with dental floss and dye it with soda and juice…AND make it look like it was conceived and produced within the dorm??  How do I make this outfit sexy, powerful, and represent Mousey without having to verbally explain her character’s checkered background?

Mousey is the Queen and pinnacle of the dorm society. No one in the dorm is allowed to upstage Mousey in their attire. I wanted to portray this power and separation with the most intricate, well fitting, and time-consuming outfits the dorm life has to offer. In order to be successful this design had to include harsh and powerful movement and all available colors (the fringe), coveted sparkle (chip bags and soda can pulls incorporated in the halter strap), and convey an overall shape befitting her heritage, gang affiliation, and sex appeal.

Sarah Trost is a California native and the only Los Angeles contestant accepted to Project Runway, Season 8.  She is a fashion columnist for Frontiers Magazine.  Trost is the third generation of her family to work in the film industry.  Her expertise with fabric type, texture and period research was honed by two years in the Warner Brothers’ costume house. Notably influenced by fantasy and adventure movies of the 80s, Sarah has also been impacted by her global travel experiences – to places like England, Thailand and Argentina.  Sarah has designed costumes for a variety of formats, including film, television and music videos.

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