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Tweets: K-11's First Cast & Crew Screening (April 18)

After the screening :)

Regarding Kristen's attendance

Thank you all for sharing your great night with us.

All your fans are so proud of you all.

We can not wait to see K-11 when it's released! :)

Monday, 16 April 2012

An introduction to Billy Morrison & his character 'Hollywood'

Hollywood: It’s all a big mistake and I’m gonna be back on top. Real soon. Gonna reform ‘Stainless Steel’ and hit it big – I’m working’ on this song right now – My Liberty. Yeah, it’s kinda inspired by this little….’vacation’ I’m being forced to take by the authorities. I was set up anyway. That smack wasn’t mine, and I was just giving that bitch a ride home. They totally screwed me and now I been here in K-11 eight months waiting for the judge to sort it out. Bunch of weirdos in here with me as well, but they’re ok I guess. In fact there’s one or two I’d do….. Anyway, some bird called Kay Kay keeps following me around like a puppy. Fine by me. She gives me her jello at chow time and keeps Mousey away from me so whatever. They’ll see, I’m gonna quit the drugs this time and get the band back together.”

Billy Morrison:  Music was my escape, from the moment I saw the Sex Pistols on TV when I was a kid. I watched the adults lose their minds with disgust and realized that I had a way out – a creative outlet for the crazy shit inside my head. And that was it – I got a guitar, learnt three chords, and turned it up loud. Started forming bands and playing locally, but a period of, shall we say, “narcotic experimentation” intervened with my plans and dreams. 14 years later and I emerged from the haze with a passion and drive that still lives inside me today. When one of my bands signed to Geffen in Los Angeles and we made the album here in LA, I fell in love with the City Of Angels and moved here. I joined rock band, ‘The Cult’ for their Beyond Good And Evil period, then went on to form ‘Camp Freddy’ with Dave Navarro, Donovan Leitch and Matt Sorum, and in 2010 I joined Billy Idol as his rhythm guitarist. But along the way, I started to act, make movies, do some TV – and my creative juices started to flow…. or pour, to be precise. I loved the atmosphere, the challenge, the whole process. And I have embraced it fully. With K-11, I got to work with amazing actors, fantastic crew, and a passionate, talented and driven director – Jules Stewart. The material was dark and gritty (which is right up my street!) and I’m sure everyone will leave the movie theatre grinning from ear to ear in that “oh my God, did I just see that??” kinda way!”

As well as his musical accomplishments, both as a solo artist, and as a founding member of Camp Freddy, Billy was a guest star in an episode of the hit TV show, ‘Californication’, has appeared in the horror movies ‘Evilution’ and Basement Jack’ amongst others, and can be seen this summer, 2012, on tour in Europe with Billy Idol. His signature model Gibson Les Paul guitar is available now.

Source K11TheFilm 

NEW movie still featuring Goran Visnjiic as Raymond Saxx (EOnline)

We first told you Kristen Stewart will indeed be making a cameo in her mother, Jules Stewart's, directorial debut for the hardcore prison-flick, K-11.

And now we have an exclusive behind the scenes photo from the gritty jailbird drama starring Goran Visnjiic (K.Stew will make a cameo voice-over as his secretary).  

Looks crazy intense and totally cool, right?

Yep, from the first look at this badass shot, we'd say a rebel spirit runs in this family's genes…
Here's a quick recap of the plot:

Raymond Saxx (Goran Visnjiic) is a powerful record producer hooked on drugs and booze. He wakes up from a blackout only to find himself locked up in L.A. County's notorious K-11 unit, which specializes in protection for LGBT inmates.

This shot is from inside the walls of the prison and Visnjiic's sweaty face and terrified eyes give us a sneak peek into just how intense this movie's going to be.

Add the fact that the prison is ruled by a transsexual diva named Mousey (played by Kate del Castillo) and it's safe to say this ├╝ber-intense flick's 'bout to have lots of sex, drugs and controversy galore.  

But we must say this is a gutsy move for Mama Stew—this is, after all, her directorial debut—and she's addressing some pretty taboo topics in her first movie about the sex crimes unit (not that we're complaining).

Is this where badass K.Stew got her rebel spirit from?

Certainly looks that way—this mother-daughter duo definitely has some ballsy blood running through their veins.

As for when the completed film will finally be unveiled? No release date's been set but we're getting more excited for this movie with every juicy deet we hear.

Keep checking back for more K-11 scoop and in the meantime, let's hope Kristen stopped by her mom's set and someone snapped a pic of the Stew gals together.
Just imagine how badass that photo would be.

Billy Morrison shares a photo of the cast of K-11

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Photo: Kate del Castillo at the Toyota Grand Prix Charity Ball (April 13)


Producer, Tom Wright, provides an update on Facebook (April 7)

Exciting news regarding promo, trailer and Cannes.

Background details on 'Goodspot' can be found at their site HERE

Very sweet. :)

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Source: Official Facebook K11TheFilm

Video: Kate del Castillo with fans at the Toyota Pro/Celeb Race

Source via with thanks @K11OfficialFilm :)

Kate del Castillo's fans turn out for the Toyota Pro/Celeb Race

LONG BEACH - Kate del Castillo fans had one objective Saturday: Find the Mexican actress at the Toyota Pro/Celebrity and make her grin and bear it.

And the star of "La Reina del Sur" happily did, posing for pictures with members of her fan club and a massive Teddy bear wearing a T-shirt with a picture of her they brought.

Decked in caps, bracelets and sparkly nails that spelled out her name, members of the actress's fan club
traveled from as far as Chicago to see her.

"I was really emotional right now when I saw her," said Los Angeles resident Maria Vallejo, who teared up after meeting the actress. "I've been a fan since I was 4 years old. ... I love how she acts, and ever since the (TV series) `Muchachitas' ... it was like, I want to be like her. She's like my role model."

For fans like Vallejo, the 38th annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach is all about the celebrities.
The Grand Prix, which draws more than 170,000 people over three days, features six races, including the 36th annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity race.

The charity race - which has featured celebrities such as George Lucas, Cameron Diaz, Paul Newman and Keanu Reeves - benefits Miller Children's Hospital in Long Beach and Children's Hospital of Orange County.

This year's race featured del Castillo, Adrien Brody, Eddie Cibrian, Kim Coates, William Fichtner, Hill Harper, Cain Velasquez and Brody Jenner.

With race cars roaring in the background, fans pressed themselves against the fence that surrounded the celebrity compound, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars.

"That was awesome," she said.

Academy Award winner Brody waved at Hollywood resident Nina Vercher, who held up a sign in the crowds that read, "Happy birthday, Adrien!" (The actor, who won an Oscar for his role in "The Pianist," turned 39 Saturday.)

"It was great," she said. "He's also a great actor. His look just catches me."

Her friend, Toluca Lake resident Marisa Traub, said she came for support. Traub had been coming to the Grand Prix four years in a row, the first time to see Reeves when he participated in the charity race.

"That was my favorite - that's why I started this whole thing," she said, laughing. "It's just a lot of fun. It's a chance to get to see celebrities. It's something different."

Del Castillo's fans were front and center, holding up a banner of the actress in racing gear and the words "There's only one queen. And that's me."

"You have no idea how important that is for me and how much it means, really, because they are adorable," del Castillo said about the fan club and her fans. "I love them. It means so much."

Although del Castillo did not win the charity race - that honor went to comedian Adam Carolla - it did not matter to Vallejo.

"I think she did great in the race - doesn't matter who wins," she said. "She'll always be the best one."

Photos of Kate del Castillo at the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race (April 14)

Click on each photo for a larger view.

Via @KatedCastilloFC with thanks to all for sharing.

Video: Kate del Castillo at the Toyota Pro/Celeb Race (April 14)

Latin superstar Kate del Castillo (NBC/Mun2) finished first amongst the women, including Grand Prix Queen Jillian Barberie Reynolds (the female veteran).

"Jillian has done this before, so it wasn't fair to paint us as rivals," Casitllo laughed after. "We drive like this in my country all the time, I like to speed," she continued in good spirits.

When asked about her involvement on behalf of the large Hispanic community now represented at the Grand Prix (Bellanova is the headliner Saturday, April 14th, a wildly popular Latin band) she said it was overwhelming to see the response.

"My fans brought banners and were so loud, it was so wonderful to see them all turn out here in Long Beach. I'd love to come back and reconnect with them again, and of course, do the race!" she concluded.

Videos of the press conference

Read all the details about the race at the source: Huffington Post