Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Director, Jules Stewart's fan Q & A on #K11Day

Q & A with @RealJulesStew 

Live on twitter on #K11Day - July 11 2012

Hey guys thanks for all your questions for #K11Day  …let's get started!

1. Did u have any concern taking on #K -11 considering the controversial nature of the film & how it may be received? Thx @HoldenBillabong

Jules: Honestly, I never considered #K11  to be controversial. It's just a film about a section of the jail where the inmates are more interesting.

Jules: Every filmmaker hopes a script they have passion for will be well received, but make no mistake I always knew this film wasn't for everyone

2. Was there anything you were afraid of during writing and filming K11? Thx @TineGenius #AskJules

Jules: No, I was never afraid. Jared and I enjoyed writing this script. #K11Day

Jules: However, even when we got the film funded, it became very clear casting was going to be 99% and that made me nervous, but I love my cast!

3. How did you decide to cast @katedelcastillo as Mousey for @K11OfficialFilm? How did you know about her? Thx @eddiebell69 #AskJules  #K11Day

Jules: I had a pre-conceived idea about how Mousey would look, talk and behave. When I met Kate and had a chance to talk to her, I was thrilled.

Jules: I found @Katedelcastillo through my producer friend Mercedes Leonard in New York. #K11Day  #AskJules

 4. ‏Did you consider using a real trans actress lead in K-11 such as Alexandra Billings? Thx @leekaygraphics #K11Day  #AskJules

Jules: Originally yes. But because of my pre-conceived ideas about this character my choices were limited. #K11Day #AskJules

Jules: Mousey had to be played by someone who was in late 30s, Hispanic, tough, beautiful and extremely talented. The choice was obvious. #K11Day

Jules: There are several transgender actors in the film - three of which shine in the fashion show scene. #K11Day  #AskJules

5. How come the idea of the ''Butterfly'' Character? Thx @DimaraAp @K11OfficialFilm

Jules: A butterfly is the symbol of change. I loved the idea of having a ‘kid’ in the dorm who, in her own right, is different from everyone else.

Jules: She is a very complicated character and @PortiaDoubleday does an amazing job with the role. She is our symbol of change. #K11Day #AskJules

6. What was the most challenging part of K-11? And the most rewarding? thx @Kate1157 #K11Day  #AskJules

Jules: Getting the film funded was absolutely the most challenging. We were funded 3 times prior and it fell through. #K11Day  #AskJules

Jules: The most rewarding time was the confirmation we received when the cast & crew loved the final product. #K11Day #AskJules

Jules: Even with over 30 years in the motion picture industry my learning curve stretched from the moon and back. #K11Day  #AskJules‏

7. What was the most difficult part of being a first time director? Thx @rockellea ‪#K11Day‬ ‪#AskJules‬

‏Jules: Let’s just say it started with funding. It’s tough being the first time anything. #K11Day  #AskJules  @K11OfficialFilm

8. What was your favorite scene that you shot in the @K11OfficialFilm ? Thx @TeamKristenJS

Jules: I have many favorite scenes. My favorite scene to shoot was the fashion show. #AskJules  #K11Day

Jules: One in particular is Mousey & Shyboy (@LuisMoncada77) in the bathroom. A sentimental moment where they acknowledge they’re still brothers.

9. Did @K11OfficialFilm turn out as you imagined from script to camera? Or was it completely different? Thx @maraspringer #K11Day  #AskJules

Jules: It’s better. Filmmaking is a collaborative medium. When you surround yourself with talented people things can only get better.

10. Kristen says she is thankful for the support/encouragement you give her…who inspires you? Who do you admire? Thx @funkyfanatic #AskJules

Jules: Definitely, godfather Micky Moore, a film director in his own right. Kristen has always been my muse & Cameron my soul inspiration #K11Day

Jules: I admire everyone who is willing to take a chance. #AskJules #K11Day

I can't believe we're already on our 11th and final question. Thanks so much guys, maybe we can do it again. #AskJules  #K11Day

11. You’re writing right now for make another movies? Thx @KristenStew_CA #K11day  #AskJules
Jules: Would love to make a truly scary horror/thriller film. I have a couple things in the works, hope to announce something soon.

Thank you to all the fans that submitted questions! :)

Monday, 9 July 2012

Intandem launches U.K. distribution arm (Variety)

Intandem launches U.K. distribution arm

'Grassroots' to be first release of Robert Mitchell-led offshoot

International sales and financing company Intandem Films has become the latest player to enter the U.K.'s crowded theatrical distribution market.

The publicly-quoted outfit has joined forces with former Walt Disney U.K. topper Robert Mitchell to launch Intandem Films Distribution. Its first title will be Stephen Gyllenhaal's comedy "Grassroots," which world preemed at the Seattle Film Festival in June. Intandem has set a U.K. distribution date in October.

Intandem raised £1 million ($1.56 million) via a rights issue on the U.K.'s Alternative Investment Market to launch the distribution arm. Mitchell says further rights issues are likely this year and in early 2013 to fund expansion. "The idea was to raise just enough to get started, and to buy one or two films -- not so much a war chest, as a small war drawer," he said.

He plans to release three to five films in the coming year, rising to 10-15 by the third year of operation.

Mitchell has hired former Disney colleage J.J. Donovan as marketing director, and ex-Fox exec Terry Dove as sales director.

"U.K. distribution is a very good business in its own right, it can be very profitable and exciting, but for Intandem it is also part of the overall package they can offer to producers, helping them to get involved in more projects. It provides added appeal to U.S. producers," Mitchell said.

His model is the U.K.'s long-defunct Palace Pictures -- which pioneered Brit indie distribution in the 1980s, with an ecletic mix of edgy and marketable movies across all genres -- where he learned his trade as a distributor before moving with Palace topper Daniel Battsek to launch Buena Vista's U.K. operations.

Future releases will include projects for which Intandem is currently raising the finance and selling internationally, notably John Henderson's "Catweazle," based on the 1970s kids TV series, and Gil Junger's "10 Things I Hate About Life," a sequel to "10 Things I Hate About You," which Mitchell handled at Disney.

Mitchell says his operation will concentrate solely on theatrical releasing, partnering with other companies to handle DVD and TV sales.

"As long as I can find the right projects, there is a room for a new distributor," Mitchell said. "Cinema is so buoyant in the U.K., up 6% so far this year. My expertise is theatrical, I won't be taking my eye off that, and I hope I can prove to filmmakers and industry that I still know how to release films."