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Director, Jules Stewart's fan Q & A on #K11Day

Q & A with @RealJulesStew 

Live on twitter on #K11Day - July 11 2012

Hey guys thanks for all your questions for #K11Day  …let's get started!

1. Did u have any concern taking on #K -11 considering the controversial nature of the film & how it may be received? Thx @HoldenBillabong

Jules: Honestly, I never considered #K11  to be controversial. It's just a film about a section of the jail where the inmates are more interesting.

Jules: Every filmmaker hopes a script they have passion for will be well received, but make no mistake I always knew this film wasn't for everyone

2. Was there anything you were afraid of during writing and filming K11? Thx @TineGenius #AskJules

Jules: No, I was never afraid. Jared and I enjoyed writing this script. #K11Day

Jules: However, even when we got the film funded, it became very clear casting was going to be 99% and that made me nervous, but I love my cast!

3. How did you decide to cast @katedelcastillo as Mousey for @K11OfficialFilm? How did you know about her? Thx @eddiebell69 #AskJules  #K11Day

Jules: I had a pre-conceived idea about how Mousey would look, talk and behave. When I met Kate and had a chance to talk to her, I was thrilled.

Jules: I found @Katedelcastillo through my producer friend Mercedes Leonard in New York. #K11Day  #AskJules

 4. ‏Did you consider using a real trans actress lead in K-11 such as Alexandra Billings? Thx @leekaygraphics #K11Day  #AskJules

Jules: Originally yes. But because of my pre-conceived ideas about this character my choices were limited. #K11Day #AskJules

Jules: Mousey had to be played by someone who was in late 30s, Hispanic, tough, beautiful and extremely talented. The choice was obvious. #K11Day

Jules: There are several transgender actors in the film - three of which shine in the fashion show scene. #K11Day  #AskJules

5. How come the idea of the ''Butterfly'' Character? Thx @DimaraAp @K11OfficialFilm

Jules: A butterfly is the symbol of change. I loved the idea of having a ‘kid’ in the dorm who, in her own right, is different from everyone else.

Jules: She is a very complicated character and @PortiaDoubleday does an amazing job with the role. She is our symbol of change. #K11Day #AskJules

6. What was the most challenging part of K-11? And the most rewarding? thx @Kate1157 #K11Day  #AskJules

Jules: Getting the film funded was absolutely the most challenging. We were funded 3 times prior and it fell through. #K11Day  #AskJules

Jules: The most rewarding time was the confirmation we received when the cast & crew loved the final product. #K11Day #AskJules

Jules: Even with over 30 years in the motion picture industry my learning curve stretched from the moon and back. #K11Day  #AskJules‏

7. What was the most difficult part of being a first time director? Thx @rockellea ‪#K11Day‬ ‪#AskJules‬

‏Jules: Let’s just say it started with funding. It’s tough being the first time anything. #K11Day  #AskJules  @K11OfficialFilm

8. What was your favorite scene that you shot in the @K11OfficialFilm ? Thx @TeamKristenJS

Jules: I have many favorite scenes. My favorite scene to shoot was the fashion show. #AskJules  #K11Day

Jules: One in particular is Mousey & Shyboy (@LuisMoncada77) in the bathroom. A sentimental moment where they acknowledge they’re still brothers.

9. Did @K11OfficialFilm turn out as you imagined from script to camera? Or was it completely different? Thx @maraspringer #K11Day  #AskJules

Jules: It’s better. Filmmaking is a collaborative medium. When you surround yourself with talented people things can only get better.

10. Kristen says she is thankful for the support/encouragement you give her…who inspires you? Who do you admire? Thx @funkyfanatic #AskJules

Jules: Definitely, godfather Micky Moore, a film director in his own right. Kristen has always been my muse & Cameron my soul inspiration #K11Day

Jules: I admire everyone who is willing to take a chance. #AskJules #K11Day

I can't believe we're already on our 11th and final question. Thanks so much guys, maybe we can do it again. #AskJules  #K11Day

11. You’re writing right now for make another movies? Thx @KristenStew_CA #K11day  #AskJules
Jules: Would love to make a truly scary horror/thriller film. I have a couple things in the works, hope to announce something soon.

Thank you to all the fans that submitted questions! :)

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