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Photos: Billy Morrison at the Roxy in LA with Camp Freddy - Dec 21
Photo Credit:Chelsea Lauren
With Lana Del Rey
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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Breaking Glass Pictures acquires "From the Head"

Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired North American rights for George Griffith's "From the Head," starring Matthew Lillard.

Russell Gray, Christopher Lemole and Jeffrey Doornbos are the producers.

Story is centered on a restroom attendant at a Times Square strip club. It's based on Griffith's real-life experiences and shot entirely in a restroom, exploring the dysfunctional assemblage that populates the strip club scene and their impact on the psyche of the attendant.

"From the Head" features cameos from Jon Polito, Samantha Lemole and Jeffrey Doornbos of the Blue Man Group, among others.

Breaking Glass acquired domestic theatrical and ancillary rights to indie drama "K-11" in October and Michael Mayer's "Out in the Dark" at the Toronto Film Festival.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Jules Stewart shares some details on new project, 'Locked House'

Via ‏@RealJulesStew check out a preliminary sketch for #LOCKEDHOUSE on my desk @LibertineFilms #SUPPORTINDIEFILM - sick, right?

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Breaking Glass Pictures' "Laurence Anyways" gains Gus Van Sant as executive producer

Gus Van Sant has jumped aboard Xavier Dolan's "Laurence Anyways" as one of the film's executive producers. He joins Lyse Lafontaine, Nathanaël Karmitz and Charles Gillibert on the film's producing team.

“As an admirer of Xavier's work, it's my pleasure to join him for his first major US release, 'Laurence Anyways,'” said Van Sant.  “It's a beautiful film that proves Xavier is one of the most promising young filmmakers working today."

The film -- which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival last May -- stars Melvil Poupaud as a man who decides to become a woman, disrupting his relationship with his idiosyncratic girlfriend (Suzanne Clement). Breaking Glass Pictures is releasing the film theatrically in 2013 following its acquisition at the Toronto International Film Festival (where the film won the festival's top juried award).

As a fan of Van Sant's work, the news comes as a significant honor to Dolan.

"Obviously, it's a huge privilege to be considered by an artist like Gus," Dolan said. "One of the first encounters I had with a more sophisticated cinema was 'My Own Private Idaho.' It was the first time I had a sense of what cinema could be or should be made of: Freedom, honesty and intimacy.  For me to be endorsed by Gus Van Sant is like telling an 8-year old that Batman is his uncle."

Dolan and Van Sant could both find themselves in contention this awards season, with Van Sant's "Promised Land" out later this month a qualifying run and "Laurence" in contention for the Golden Globes' foreign film award.

Video: Craig Owens covers Coldplay's "Paradise"

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Press conference transcript with Jules Stewart & Tom Wright at the Torino Film Festival

Sunday 25 November, 12:30 pm, Xkè
Confidential Report

K-11. Press conference with Jules Stewart (director) and Tom Wright Jr.

A different prison movie

Jules Stewart: To make this movie, I wanted to use a place that really exists in Los
Angeles; not a prison per se but a temporary detention center for people awaiting trial.
We shot in an abandoned penitentiary from the ‘50s, just like the one referred to in the

Goran Visnjic, the protagonist

Jules Stewart: The choice for the leading actor fell on Goran because he’s absolutely
perfect to play the role of a good-looking, heterosexual European man, who finds himself
relegated to a place alien to him. In other words, we needed an actor that seemed
innocent at a first glance and who looked uncomfortable in the surrounding

Tom Wright Jr.: Goran was perfect for the role, maybe because he was searching for
a character like that to play. He felt imprisoned in the role of Luka Kovac, which he
successfully played in E.R., so he was able to give his best for this new part.

A difficult movie

Tom Wright Jr.: I’ve been working as a producer for over twenty years and I’ve
noticed that, as time goes by, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make movies. I’m not
just referring to finding the funds, but to all the various production phases. It’s not
surprising if Jules, when she was shooting, would often tell me she felt relieved by my
presence, seeing in me a sort of protection from all the problems that were surrounding
us. I must say, however, that were able to rely on a network of longstanding
acquaintances: we share a reciprocal respect with each other, and they was very helpful,
also because they believe in us. It’s the same feelings that motivated me and Jules, and
we’ve worked with each other for decades!

A family on set

Jules Stewart: My son Cameron plays a small role in the films; it’s his debut as an
actor. I have to say I am really happy with his performance: we supported each other on
set, and the results were excellent.

A debut in its own way

Jules Stewart: I decided to make my debut with a film like this because I really enjoyed
the story from the very beginning: it seemed unique in its originality.

Casting the women

Jules Stewart: Mousey’s role was the first one we cast. When Kate del Castilo came to
me, I immediately realized she would be perfect for the part. As for the one other two
women in the movie, we had to search a little longer: it wasn’t hard, but it did take us
more time.

Petty criminals and fish out of water

Tom Wright Jr.: K-11 is more than a movie about transvestites or gender issues. It’s a
portrait of a very confined place where many petty criminals live cloistered; they are
described as realistically as possible, along with their feelings and events. A fundamental
component is also Raymond’s condition: the protagonist finds himself catapulted in a
world where he feels like a fish out of water.

Audio: Jules Stewart's 'Hollywood Party' interview (RadioRai, Italy)

Click on Jules' photo to listen to the interview. 

Jules is introduced in the beginning of the podcast, then the interview restarts at around 7mins with the host speaking in Italian and you then hear Jules again at around 7.45mins.

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Video: Jules Stewart presenting K-11 at the Torino Film Festival

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Video: Jules Stewart's interview with Scena Madre (Italy)

YT Source thanks to @KstewAngel :)

Audio: Jules Stewart's interview with FRED (Italy)

Click on Jules' pic to listen to the interview.


Listen at the source.

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Jules Stewart & Tom Wright at the K-11 Photocall in Torino Film Festival

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Photos of Kate del Castillo at the campaign launch Against Trafficking in Indigenous Languages (Mexico)

For more details on the National Commission on Human Rights, Mexico (Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos, CNDH) go here.

TFF30, the film of the day: "K11" Jules Stewart (La Stampa, Italy)

Google translated, with some editing to correct grammar.

One of the curiosities of the Turin Film Festival this year includes the presence of Jules Stewart, mother to Kristen, the star of "Twilight." Under the tattooed lady with years of experience in the supervision of screenplays in Hollywood, is to accompany her directorial debut "K11", a transgressive film with an unusual story: starts when a record producer, after a night of debauchery, is found in the wing designed for transgenders, pedophiles within the maximum-security prison in Los Angeles.

The record producer is Goran Visnijc, an actor of Croatian origin emerged from obscurity years ago for being chosen as a replacement for George Clooney in the television series high audience "ER." At his side includes Kate Del Castillo, Portia Doubleday and DB Sweeney.

"Casting - said the director - was the most important moment of realization for me was that ninety-nine point nine percent of the film. I was very careful to find people who were not cowed by topics, because if you're scared by the argument is as if you shrink from giving a good interpretation. They, however, were great: I love my cast."

New still of Kate del Castillo (Mousey) & Goran Visnjic (Raymond Saxx)

Click on image for a larger view 

Source with thanks to @KstewAngel 

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Add K-11 to your 'Netflix' queue

Add K-11 to your queue here.

K-11 world premiere at the Torino Film Festival will be on November 25

Buy tickets HERE scroll down to K-11

The world premiere of K-11 will be on Sunday 25 November at 4.00pm (CET).

It will then screen on the following dates and times at the film festival:
  • Monday 26 November at 10.15pm.
  • Tuesday 27 November at 12.00 noon.
  • Thursday 29 November at 10.15pm

Good luck to the team! 

Download the film festival's schedule here.

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Scan: Jules Stewart's interview in Vanity Fair (Italy)

Bella's mom takes up cinema and debuts as a director. But when asked if her daughter's heart still beats for Pattinson, she cryptically answers "do you remember a story about us?" 

They say that, looking at his mother-in-law, a man will know how his wife will be. Well then, Robert Pattinson can consider himself lucky, Jules Stewart is an icon lady. 

Her age is undefined (about 50) long hair and black who bequeathed to her daughter and that leads, casual, streaked with gray, her right arm fully tattooed, has worked in Hollywood for 30 years as a script superviser and now with her directorial debut with K-11 presenting at the Torino Film Festival. The plot: K-11 is a wing of a special prison in the County Men's Central Los Angeles to dictate law with the transsexual Mousey (played by actress Kate del Castillo) and where they are locked up with the powerful producer Raymond Saxx (Goran Visnjic) and the young and defenseless Butterfly (Portia Doubleday). After the initial divisions, the prisoners will come together to rebel against the cruel deputy.** (this paragraph google translated by K11MovieFanSite)

Mama Stewart isn't the only Stewart involved in the movie. In the cast there's also the first-born Cameron, and it seems that the star of the family, too, Kristen, made her contribution. What is her role then? At a first screening, it's virtually impossible to recognize her, so keep reading to find it out.

Did you ask your daughter to play in your movie?
"She would have loved it, but she was busy doing On The Road when we were shooting, she does have a little cameo, though. Hers is the voice of the secretary Raymond speaks over the phone to."

And it was your son's debut. What was it like?
"It was better that I'd expected. He was very helpful and he very well managed to come out of his comfort zone."

Is it true that he told you 'if my sister can do it [being an actor] I can, too'?
[laughs] "Yeah, they're very close and always joke."

Your daughter has been acting since she was 9, will there be another actor in the family?
"I don't know, but I've never interfered with their choices anyway."

...neither about love?

Aren't you jealous your daughter is now a woman and has a famous boyfriend?
"No, on the contrary. She's very much in love and it's great. Everyone should be."

What's your relationship with Pattinson? 
"I like him, we get along. But I keep myself out of their relationship."

You must give Kristen some advice, though
"Oh course I do when she asks for it, but I never impose my opinion."

When they broke up in July (after those pictures of her and Rupert kissing) what did you tell her?
"We had a long conversation which I'm not going to share."

Where did the idea of your movie come from?
"A boy who went to that jail told me he'd want to write a screenplay about the K-11 area, so we started to work together."

What was the hardest scene to shoot?
"Shooting a scene with 65 people in one room, which made it a bit claustrophobic. Being in jail is basically like living in a box where there's no privacy."

What is the message of the movie?
"That it's okay to be different."

Does that mean that even the most adrift characters are good?
"Yes. The charachters of K-11 represents the emotions, the anger, the regrets and love of every human being."

What is it like to work in a business that is full of men?
"We may have more difficulties but we're now coming out with our creative side. The men I worked with were happy to listen to other points of view."

You have divorced your husband John after 27 years of marriage. What is it like to be a middle-aged single woman?
"I don't want to define myself on the fact I have or don't have a man. I feel very strong. I can be by myself and be who I want."

Source via RobstenDreams with the translation by @CSI_Robsten thank you.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Photos: Goran Visnjic on set of "Red Widow"

*Possible spoilers*

Who’s holding a gun on Goran Visnjic (ER)’s Russian mob boss Christian Schiller at the Guiness Tower in downtown Vancouver for the final episode of Red Widow’s first set of eight? Telling would ruin the surprise. Inspired by a popular Dutch TV series, Red Widow is an upcoming ABC series about San Francisco widow Marta Walraven forced to replace her mobster husband as head of a crime syndicate after his murder in otrder to protect her family: sons Gabriel and Boris and daughter Natalie. The series wraps its initial order of eight episodes at the end of the week with the option of more after it premieres next year.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Photos: Goran Visnjic at the 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' LA Premiere

Goran and TV show 'Red Widow' co-star, Radha Mitchell.

Fan photos

Photo with Radha: Source
Fan Photos: @SWATH4Fans
Original Tip: @KstewAngel

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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Intandem Boards Holiday Rom-Com 'Holidater' at AFM

Intandem will release the feature in the U.K. and handle sales worldwide.

Los Angeles- and London-based financing and distribution group Intandem Films has boarded the romantic comedy project Holidater as a co-producer, U.K. distributor and world sales agent.

The script to Holidater was co-written by Christina Huntington and Daniel Maddox of 3 Arts Entertainment.

It's the story of Lucy Morris, a workaholic marketing executive who, to avoid being alone over the holidays, strategically finds a man with a great family on Halloween, dates him through Christmas and breaks up with him on New Year's. But when she starts to fall for her latest target, and his eccentric family, her life is thrown into disarray.

Terri Melkonian of Terrimel Entertainment will produce Holidater together with Gary Smith and Sepideh Haftgoli of Intandem.

The shoot is planned in the spring for a December 2013 release. Casting is underway.

Intandem will release Holidater in the British market and is selling the project worldwide to buyers at AFM.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Breaking Glass Pictures acquires Xavier Dolan's "Laurence Anyways" for the US

Canada's 'Laurence' gets U.S. distrib

Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired U.S. distribution rights to Xavier Dolan's "Laurence Anyways," which won the best Canadian film prize at the Toronto Film Festival.

The French language film made its debut at the Cannes Film Festival with Suzanne Clement winning a best actress award in the Un Certain Regard category. It also won the Queer Palm Award. "Laurence Anyways" centers on a romance between a young couple, and the tests that love faces when the man decides to transition into a woman.

Rob Nelson wrote in his review for Variety at Cannes: "Fully immodest and intermittently astonishing, Xavier Dolan's epic melodrama 'Laurence Anyways' charts a male-to-female transsexual's tumultuous relationship with a straight woman but stands to polarize more on the basis of its stylistic politics than its sexual ones. Indeed, the clearest achievement of Dolan's typically self-indulgent eye-popper comes in equating its gender-bending protagonist's metamorphoses with those in any relationship that lasts for years."

It's the third film from Dolan following "I Killed My Mother" and "Heartbeats." Breaking Glass picked up Michael Mayer's "Out in the Dark" at Toronto.

The deal was negotiated between Breaking Glass Pictures' CEO Rich Wolff and Victoire Thevenin for MK2.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

New photo of the K-11 cast on set

Click image for a larger view

From left to right: Shyboy, Kay-Kay, Precious, Granny, Mousey, Wino, Butterfly, Hollywood, Sledgehammer and Crystal

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Source @K11OfficialFilm 

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Clip of Kate del Castillo on "Grimm" (THR)

The network's Friday night sci-fi procedural will tackle the case of the Weeping Woman with Weeds alum Kate del Castillo for the episode titled "La Llorona," which is loosely based on the famed legend of a woman who drowned her children.

In a clip from the episode exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, del Castillo plays Valentina Marquez, a mysterious detective from Albuquerque who comes to Portland to help Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) capture a serial child abductor. Valentina has spent the past five years tracking the perp and identifying patterns in related abductions -- which include the drowning deaths of two boys and a girl between the ages of 7 and 10, with little to no evidence left behind.

According to the La Llorona (which translates to weeping woman) legend, a woman named Maria kills her children by drowning them in order to be with the man she loves. Upon his rejection, she commits suicide but is not permitted to enter the afterlife until she finds her missing children, forcing her to wander the Earth for all eternity, crying, as she searches for her drowned offspring.


Video & Photos: Kate del Castillo on Good Day LA for 'Grimm'

GoodDayLA Youtube thanks to YovanaCaro via @KatedCastilloFC