Tuesday, 27 November 2012

TFF30, the film of the day: "K11" Jules Stewart (La Stampa, Italy)

Google translated, with some editing to correct grammar.

One of the curiosities of the Turin Film Festival this year includes the presence of Jules Stewart, mother to Kristen, the star of "Twilight." Under the tattooed lady with years of experience in the supervision of screenplays in Hollywood, is to accompany her directorial debut "K11", a transgressive film with an unusual story: starts when a record producer, after a night of debauchery, is found in the wing designed for transgenders, pedophiles within the maximum-security prison in Los Angeles.

The record producer is Goran Visnijc, an actor of Croatian origin emerged from obscurity years ago for being chosen as a replacement for George Clooney in the television series high audience "ER." At his side includes Kate Del Castillo, Portia Doubleday and DB Sweeney.

"Casting - said the director - was the most important moment of realization for me was that ninety-nine point nine percent of the film. I was very careful to find people who were not cowed by topics, because if you're scared by the argument is as if you shrink from giving a good interpretation. They, however, were great: I love my cast."

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