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Tara Buck mentions K-11 in her interview with 'On the Cusp' Magazine

Tara Buck is best known for her recurring role as Ginger in the HBO series True Blood. Her on screen appearances include Bones, Southland, Justified, Cold Case, The Closer, The Shield, The X-Files, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Without a Trace, Strong Medicine, JAG and Navy NCIS. She has also acted in numerous live theatre presentations including a lead role in As You Like It.


What/Who inspires you as an artist in the following categories:

Beauty: Youngblood Cosmetics.  They are a cruelty free line of makeup and when I was introduced I fell in love.

Culinary: Chef Eric Greenspan and his grilled cheese, Baco Mercot, Dalia Lounge, Malo in Silver Lake.

Fashion: My current obsession, long white dresses.

Film: I just watched again A Woman Under the Influence – It’s incredible and the performances are so real it’s painful to watch.

Literature: I am reading 2 books now, Jon Krakauer’s Under The Banner of Heaven  and Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer.

Music: I’m very partial to my man’s music.  He’s a super talent and has the voice of an angel.  My favorite is when he is practicing around the house.  Check him out Chris Pierce Music on itunes.

Photography: Cindy Sherman is an extraordinary artistic influence on me.  I find her work thought provoking and exciting.

Stage: The last play I performed in was Paula Vogel’s “How I learned to Drive”. It is wonderfully honest piece of writing and working on the character of Lil ‘Bit challenged me to stretch way beyond my comfort zone.

Television: I’m obsessed with everything HBO.  True Blood of course and I never miss an episode of Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire.

Can you describe the time when you first realized that creating was something you absolutely had to do:

I think I wanted to be a ballerina first then I decided a circus performer was more my calling.   I started creating and performing skits for anyone who would watch and I had a dress up box that brought hours of fantastical entertainment to my childhood.

What are you trying to communicate with your art:

That every person has a story and a voice worth listening to.

Any exciting projects on the horizon:

True Blood season 5 is coming in June.  In addition I have two films headed to festivals this year.  K-11, a twistedly delicious prison drama directed by Jules Stewart.  I play Crystal, a transgender  who runs with an eclectic crew.  The second film is Boot Tracks with Stephen Dorff, Michelle MonaghanWillem Dafoe.  Need I say more?  It has everything I love in a film and it’s directed by David Jacobson!

Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet:


What are your greatest accomplishments in the industry:

I’m still here.

What one thing that has happened in your life has made the biggest impact on who you are today:

Wow. My brain just got scrambled. I’m not sure I can think of one specific thing. My Mom has had a pretty big impact on me so maybe it was the moment I decided to reincarnate into this life and I chose her.

What makes you truly happy:


What keeps you balanced and sane:

Hiking, the beach,  working up a really good sweat.

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See more of Tara's photo shoot for the magazine, here at the source onthecuspmag.

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Kristen Stewart's mom brings 'K-11' to Cannes, updates exploitation prison flicks (Yahoo! Movies)

Kristen Stewart attracted a lot of headlines at Cannes due to her starring role in "On The Road." However, the "Twilight" star's mother, Jules Stewart, might be doing her best to at least steal a little bit of the attention. Mother Stewart (can we call her J-Stew?) made a film called "K-11" that just made its market debut at Cannes. The film is centered around an L.A. County jail that segregates gay and transgender inmates.

The subject sounds fascinating and would seemingly lend itself to a compelling, informative cinematic look, but the trailer really makes it look to be a bit of a sleazefest about a record producer who wakes up in the unit after a drug overdose. From the marketing, expect an exploitation or grindhouse-style movie, complete with wicked wardens and internal strife among the convicts.

If so, "K-11"will be a new spin on an old exploitation standard: the women in prison flick. Only in this case, the inmates are transgendered women instead. A subgenre that saw its 70s heyday on the grindhouse circuit, these films were often just as advertised: Women in prison were forced to eke out their survival. Pam Grier starred in several for famed B-movie director Jack Hill, titles including "The Big Doll House" and "The Big Bird Cage," before Grier took on her most famous roles in "Foxy Brown" and "Coffy."

There were some offshoots of the "women in prison" subgenre, such as the "Ilsa" series, centered around a Nazi prison camp warden who ruled her prison with an iron fist. The series ended up comprising definitive examples of "Nazisploitation" films.

And now the genre looks to be back, thanks to Kristen Stewart's mom of all people. Given that the grindhouse trend made a brief resurgence in pop culture a few years ago via Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, it makes sense that we'd get an update on the old prison standard. "K-11" is at least being sold that way, but we'll know more when the film is picked up for distribution and released.

Video: Kristen mentions K-11 with Popsugar fan winner

Fan @londonstew won a competition via Popsugar to go to London and interview Kristen for 'Snow White & the Huntsman'.

She asks Kristen about K-11 at 4:11mins. :)

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Video: Tara Buck at the 'True Blood' Season 5 premiere

Video: Kristen Stewart talks about K-11 & Kate del Castillo (MSN, Mexico)

This interview was conducted in Mexico by Kristen while promoting 'Snow White and the Huntsman' 

Kristen mentions K-11 and Kate del Castillo at 3.44mins

Source via with great thanks @TwilightPoison and @KstewAngel :)

Scan: K-11 mentioned in a Croatia newspaper

Thank you to fan s_sasam for the scan via @K11OfficialFilm

Video: Kate del Castillo at Alcatraz for music video 'Me Gusta' (Spanish)

YT Source YovanaCaro via @KatedCastilloFC thanks and gracias. :)

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Photo of Jules Stewart, Tom Wright & Robert Pattinson in Cannes

Photo: Sabrina Inc
The photo of Jules, Tom & Rob was taken at the 'On the Road' after-party at the Cannes Film Festival, in support of Kristen. :)

Source @SabrinaInc 

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'K-11' Trailer Revealed (Red Alert Live)

Actor & RAL Correspondent Jovanny Venegas & Actress Kate del Castillo on the last day of filming after 13 hours of being in the K-11 prison.

In the film K-11 is a unit of the L.A. County jail where gay and transgender inmates are separated from the mainline population. The K-11 unit is ruled by a transsexual inmate named Mousey who is played by Mexican Soap Queen Kate del Castillo “La Reina Del Sur.”

In a recent interview Kate del Castillo says “I play a transexual and she is bad ass!” In another interview she stated “I’m playing a transgendered [person] and that was very challenging, and that’s what I want. To be in projects that are interesting to me and [where] I will learn from the character.”

Actor and RAL’s Jovanny Venegas said “I had a great time working on K-11. Awesome director, cast, crew everyone was great including the ghosts. (Laughs) No seriously, the prison was really haunted!  We were shooting in a real life prison which has been closed for many years. We shot for many weeks and sometimes 12-13 hour days…. I had some time to explore, there was this one specific ward – I believe it was the psych ward were I really  got a strong supernatural feeling. You can just feel it, it was intense! There was even a time I got so scared that I ran out screaming like a little girl. I actually have video of it.”

Actress Tara Buck told RAL ”I play Crystal in the film. I had a great time working on K-11. There are so many eclectic characters in the cast, great crew, fantastic director and tattoos for days. So much fun. Tara continued with “I think the movie is a wonderfully unique film. It’s tantalizingly twisted, dark for sure, and I think audiences will be surprised to find themselves laughing as well. It’s a very entertaining world that Jules has created. Absolutely go see it!”

K-11 definitely looks intense watch the official promo reel below (RAL Will continue to bring you K-11 exclusives!)

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Trailer For Kristen Stewart's Mom's Film 'K-11': Let's Not Go To Prison (Hollywood.Com)

Bound to stir up some controversy, the first trailer for Kristen Stewart's mother Jules Stewart's prison drama K-11 will leave you with one lingering thought: gay, straight, jail quite simply seems like a really terrible place to wind up. It certainly looks that way for Goran Visnjic's character who mistakenly winds up in a Los Angeles prison that houses gay and transgender inmates. Known as K-11, this particular prison is run on the inside by a transsexual known as Mousey (played by Kate del Castillo.) The film also stars Jason Mewes, D.B. Sweeney, and K-Stew's brother Cameron B. Stewart, making his big screen debut.

Not for the eyes of the Twilight set (though MovieLine reports that Bella Swan herself does some voice work in the film,) Stewart's bleak, unsettling, shocking vision of transexuals/transgenders and prison life (rape and violence are graphically portrayed in the preview) screened at Cannes earlier this week. Since it's Memorial Day and you're probably home from work thanking your lucky stars you're not in prison, it seems almost pointless to inform you that this trailer for K-11 is incredibly NSFW. But seriously it is and don't watch this trailer near your boss/friends/children/loved ones.

Kristen Stewart's Mom Makes Transgendered Prison Movie

Unfortunately, NOT starring KStew! Whomp!

K-11 is a movie directed by Kristen Stewart's mom, Jules Stewart, which centers around a special unit in the L.A. County prison system that strictly holds gay and transexual inmates.

Here's where things get rrrreally interesting… actor Goran Visnjic stars in the movie as a Hollywood record producer who wakes up in jail after a drunken bender to find that he's been placed in "K-11."

The movie then turns into some sort of suspense horror film that looks absolutely terrifying! So much scary prison rape! AAAAHHH!!

As we mentioned, KStew doesn't star in the film, but she did lend her support to her momma's film by doing a brief voice over in the movie. Her brother Cameron Stewart also makes a cameo.

Ch-ch-check out the suspenseful trailer! And if you're anywhere near France right now, you can possibly check out the film at Cannes!**


** The screenings at Cannes weren't open to the public for viewing.

'K-11' Trailer: A Wild Prison Drama Directed by Kristen Stewart's Mom (

So, it turns out that the most fascinating thing about Twilight is observing the fan reactions to related projects that are starting to pop up, namely David Cronenberg's surreal Cosmopolis and now Jules Stewart's K-11 — centering on a special prison unit dedicated to protecting gay and transgender convicts. Based on some very early impressions, both films appear challenging in their own way, and we're finding it hard to believe that Twihards will follow the darker descent. Still, stranger things have happened.

Stewart's indie drama follows Goran Visnjic as a record producer who wakes up from a drug haze to find himself locked up with the K-11 crew, led by a frightening transsexual named Mousey (telenovela starlet Kate del Castillo). While there, he contends with a troubled transgender prisoner named Butterfly (Portia Doubleday), a creepy molestor (Tiny Lister), and a villainous Sheriff's Deputy (D.B. Sweeney). Oh hello, Jason Mewes, we see you there.

We're pretty sure that mama Stewart didn't intend for her little movie to be so crazily over the top, but we're curious to see more regardless. Check out the trailer we've shared below (with thanks to Movieline for posting), and let us know if you see a pair of awesomely manic, penciled-on eyebrows in your future. K-11 just made its market debut at Cannes, so we should have more release details soon. via @KstewAngel with thanks. 

'K-11' Trailer: Kristen Stewart's Mom Makes Transgender Prison Movie (HuffingtonPost)

"K-11" doesn't actually star Kristen Stewart, but it is of interest for "Twilight" fans. The new drama was written and directed by Jules Stewart, a.k.a. K-Stew's mother.

The film stars Goran Visnjic ("The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo") as a drugged-out Los Angeles record producer who winds up in jail after a blackout. The catch? He's placed in K-11, the wing of prison reserved for homosexual and transgender prisoners.

The younger Stewart was once attached to star in "K-11" -- perhaps as a transgender prisoner with autism -- but wasn't able to appear due to scheduling issues; instead, she reportedly has a small vocal cameo in "K-11." Keeping with the family vibe, Kristen's brother Cameron also co-stars.

Jules Stewart has worked in Hollywood for 30 years, but this is her directorial debut. At the Cannes Film Festival this week, she told THR that it wasn't easy to make the transition from script supervisor, her previous job, to director.

Still, she's pleased with the results. "The whole point for me is to tell stories that are different and unique, hence 'K-11,'" she said.

Watch the trailer for "K-11" -- which includes some foul language -- above. The film doesn't yet have U.S. distribution.

Promo Trailer for Kristen Stewart's Mother's Transgender Prison Movie K-11 Debuts (Movieline)

Kate as Mousey being fierce (screencap from the promo reel)

Twilight fandom extends interest by association to every cast member's extra-Twilight projects, and sometimes that vampire bump pays off for relatives, too. Case in point: K-11, an intense-looking prison drama that's gotten considerable exposure from the fact that it's directed by Kristen Stewart's mother, Jules. (The erstwhile Bella Swan was also once attached to star in the film, which, watching this first look at K-11, would have been very interesting). Also: Goran Visnjic stars! Roll the promo.

Oh, did I mention K-11 is about a Hollywood record producer who wakes up in jail after a bender, only to find he's been placed in the special section for homosexuals and transgender prisoners where Deebo from Friday/The President from The Fifth Element (AKA Tiny Lister) lives? And that Mexican soap star Kate del Castillo rules the coop as a terrifying transsexual named Mousey?

Also in this movie: D.B. Sweeney, Ginger from True Blood, Portia Doubleday, Jason Mewes, and reportedly the voice of Kristen Stewart, whose brother Cameron Stewart also appears making his feature debut.
Director Stewart Tweeted out a link to the promo trailer from her Twitter account, where she also recently Tweeted about buying her daughter a baguette in Cannes. The film screened there earlier this week for buyers.