Tuesday, 15 January 2013

NEW teaser! "The Sentence Starts on March 15"

"Record Producer Raymond Stark, Jr., arrested and booked. Alice in a perverted Wonderland..."

Goran Visnjic at the TCA Press Tour for 'Red Widow' (airing March 3, ABC)

The cast and producers of Red Widow were at the Television Critics Association 2013 Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, California on January 10, 2013 and while they didn’t want to give away too many secrets, here are few things they mentioned about the show, themselves, and what fans can look forward to when Red Widow premieres on SUNDAY MARCH 3, 9|8c.

Executive Producer Melissa Rosenberg calls main character Marta Walraven (played by Radha Mitchell) a flawed female character, as all human beings are, that has finally come to network TV (as opposed to cable). You have compassion for her. Rosenberg's experience on Dexter helped her find a way to create a character that makes some questionable moral decisions. Radha Mitchell truly shows the humanity of the character.

The Dutch series on which the show is based, Penoza, is very cable-esque. Rosenberg didn't want to pull back on the storytelling for network. The advantage of doing 8 episodes of a show for midseason is that it gave her the time she needed to write and develop the show the way she wanted. She says she's more proud of this show than any she's done in her career.

Rosenberg made a very conscious choice to move on after Marta's life takes an unexpected turn in the pilot. The shift in the relationships with the other characters in moving forward is where she wanted to focus. She says some people are killed off on the show, but she wants to build characters and relationships that continue on for years. The story is about the lengths Marta will go to in order to protect her family. She won't always make the right choices.

Here's a breakdown on what the cast said about their experiences with the show:

Radha Mitchell says Marta is her dream character to play. She has a complex duality. She's a housewife who has been trying to avoid the criminal life she grew up with by being a soccer mom. Mitchell was attracted to the role because Marta is very human, but finds strength in herself as a mother. She always liked the Nikita character, so she was drawn to her character on the show. Mitchell has never worked at a TV pace and calls it both liberating and frightening

Goran Visnjic, "Nicholae Schiller," loves the suits he gets to wear on the show. He only has one scene in the pilot, but says from Episode 2 onward he found the character to be unlike anything he’s ever done before. Visnjic also dropped the news that he's becoming a U.S. citizen very soon!

Jaime Ray Newman, "Kat Petrova," does yoga, and that's one of the few ways she relates to her character in real life. She says was very surprised at what happened in the story, as was the rest of the cast, and they all had theories as to what happened.

Luke Goss says his character, "Luther," was plucked from a gutter to become an enforcer. He's there to watch over Marta. Luther is a selfless character. Newman says he's like a lovable hit man. The lack of language for his character allowed the story to unfold in a wonderful way.

Wil Traval, who plays "Irwin Petrova," says his character may have delusions of grandeur. There’s no intention for him to be evil or to screw up. His aspirations are pretty grand though, and he'll do whatever it takes to succeed.

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