Friday, 11 January 2013

Tara Buck shares a photo from the K-11 set

Thank you for sharing! Great pic @iamtarabuck :)

Goran Visnijc at the 2013 Winter TCA Tour for 'Red Widow'

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 10: Actors Goran Visnjic and Radha Mitchell of 'Red Widow' speak onstage during the ABC portion of the 2013 Winter TCA Tour at Langham Hotel on January 10, 2013 in Pasadena, California.

Even if you don't know who Melissa Rosenberg is, you've probably seen her work; she's the screenwriter behind all the Twilight movies and was a head writer on Dexter for the first four seasons. Now she's running her own show, Red Widow, as creator and executive producer, and she came to the TCA with the stars of the midseason series, including Radha Mitchell and Goran Visnjic. Mitchell plays the lead character, a mother who is pulled into a crime web after the death of her husband, while Visnjic plays a drug lord pulling the strings. The two talked about their characters and what drew them to the show, while Rosenberg gave other tidbits about the series.

Mitchell describes her main character of Marta as a housewife who's been "avoiding her criminal upbringing by living a life of a soccer mom, [then is] dragged into a world she has been trying to avoid her whole life." Mitchell calls it her dream role, since she sees similarities between Marta and a character she had always been fascinated by: the heroine of La Femme Nikita, "a woman who discovers all these strengths under duress."

Visnjic originally turned down the character of Schiller because he only appears briefly in the pilot, but he reconsidered after he said Rosenberg made "promises about what he would be." It sounds like Visnjic will be a big part of the series, and he assured us that "from episode two on, it's really fun, unusual stuff I've never done before." Another bonus? "I love the suits!"

Anson Mount (who memorably starred in Crossroads as Britney Spears's love interest) plays Radha's husband who gets killed in the pilot, and Rosenberg talked about whether we'll ever see him again. At first things sounded hopeful, because she said once he was cast, "we all loved him" and thought "maybe he should come back." Unfortunately, Mount was sacrificed for the story, ultimately, and Rosenberg decided to stick to the focus of Marta moving forward. "It's about moving forward, and the shift into her relationship with Schiller," Rosenberg said.


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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Theater List Screening K-11 - USA

K-11 will be released in theaters on 15 March.

We will keep a list of theaters across the US who will be screening K-11 on this post 
as they come available.

If you see one in your local area screening K-11, please let us know and we will add it here.

Click on the links to be directed to that theater for sessions, locations and tickets (if available):

1. North Hollywood: Laemmle  March 15-22
2. New York City: Cinema Village  March 15-22
3. Phoenix, AZ Phoenix's Film Bar March 15-22
4. Columbus, OH Columbus' Gateway Film Center March 15-22
5. San Diego: Digital Gym (Grand Opening), March 29 – April 5
6. San Francisco: Roxie Theater, March 22 - 29
7. Denver: Starz Film Center, March 22 - 29
8. Tempe: Harkins Valley Art, March 15 - 22
9. Daytona: Cinematique of Daytona March 23 (Special engagement)
10. Detroit: Cass City Cinema 
11. Fort Lauderdale: Cinema Paradiso
12. Stroudsburg, PA : Living Room Theater 


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

K-11 to be released in theatres & OnDemand on March 15!

Photo: K11 Official Site

K-11 to be released theatrically and OnDemand on March 15!

Mark your calendars folks!

 #K11 fans, we signed off on final poster & locked some theaters, so we should have cool things to show & share soon. Thnx for support!

For OnDemand details, click here to add K-11 to your Netflix queue. 

Check out the new layout at the official site K11theMovie !

New still of Kate del Castillo as 'Mousey'

Click image for larger view.

Check out more of the cast in the background. Who can you see? Tell us in the comments. :)

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Craig Owens Covers Highlight Magazine + Interview

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Read and view Craig's full feature here (from pages 29 through to 35).

You can also purchase the print issue here.


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