Monday, 22 August 2011

Photos of the K-11 cast and crew at the wrap party

Luis Moncado & Jules Stewart (Director & Co-Writer) :)

Cameron Stewart & Luis

Cameron Stewart & Luis Moncado

Luis, Markus Redmond & Cameron Stewart

Markus Redmond & Luis

Luis & Sarah Trost (Costume Designer)

Franc Ross & Luis

Portia Doubleday & Luis

Ralph Cole Jnr & Luis

Luis Moncado 

Jonathan Roumie & Luis

Jules Stewart & Paul Hart-Wilden (1st Assistant Director)

Cameron Stewart & Crystal Aguilar

Craig Owens & Tommy 'Tiny' Lister

Cameron Stewart, Billy Morrison & Luis Moncado

Jules Stewart & Beverly

Paul Hart-Wilden (1st Assistant Director) & Beverly

Luis Moncado & Beverly

D.B. Sweeney & Beverly

Beverly & Goran Visnjic

Martin Pierron & Beverly

Ralph Cole Jnr & Beverly

Franc Ross & Beverly

Thank you to @KstewAngel for the heads up on the FB photos. :)


  1. Was there and I took some of those pics :) The blow up publicity stills they had up, not pictured, were F'N AWESOME! Oh, you think I'm kidding but , they were. ( Nyahh nyahh you can't see them yet) Jesus, I was all tingly !

    And they did this film in record time and I'm totally impressed by what Jules and everyone did. What a great crew, so talented , what a great vision. Now the work really begins in editing . If they keep it up this is going to be classic.

    Makes me want to get tattooed!

  2. You did? Awesome. Did you work on it? :)

    Aaargh so looking forward to finally seeing those publicity pictures. I'm sure you aren't kidding hehe!

    Aaaww it's so good to hear so much praise for Jules and all.

    Can't wait.

  3. It was my love that was in it, I was just lucky enough to go to the party. I knew a lot of the cast from films , so I saw the stills and was blown away. It looks so good! Looks so good. Kate del Castillo is terrifying , and beautiful and vicious. This is going to be something. Everyone could tell, this is no typical film and no one held back.

    I love the poster too.I hope it stays just like that, dont change a thing. Not a thing.

    Jules is awesome and powerful and smart. I think people will be freaked by her directorial debut but they shouldn't. She has been a solid pro in the industry from the beginning.

    I'm just a fan , I can sit back and smile.

    ( And I'm not going to use the "woman " thing but I am a fan of women like Mimi Leder , Amy Heckerling , Penny Marshall , Sophia Coppola, Betty Thomas and one of my total faves Lina Wertmuller . Jules is up there, what great beginning).