Saturday, 27 August 2011

Kristen Stewart's Brother in K-11 (Deadbolt)

Although Kristen Stewart has become a household name due to The Twilight Saga, Cameron Stewart, the younger brother of Kristen, will soon appear in the prison drama K-11.

According to E! Online, Cameron Stewart will soon be seen in the prison drama K-11, written and directed by his mother Jules Mann-Stewart. Actress Tara Buck, who co-stars with Cameron Stewart in K-11, recently spoke to E! about what the younger Stewart brings to the acting table. "He's amazing," said Buck. "He's the sweetest guy. Really open and incredibly professional. It was his first [major] movie and he does a spectacular job. He's gorgeous, so I think you'll probably see a lot more of him."

K-11 follows the story of a mogul (Goran Visnjic) who wakes up in jail after days of heavy partying.

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