Monday, 16 April 2012

An introduction to Billy Morrison & his character 'Hollywood'

Hollywood: It’s all a big mistake and I’m gonna be back on top. Real soon. Gonna reform ‘Stainless Steel’ and hit it big – I’m working’ on this song right now – My Liberty. Yeah, it’s kinda inspired by this little….’vacation’ I’m being forced to take by the authorities. I was set up anyway. That smack wasn’t mine, and I was just giving that bitch a ride home. They totally screwed me and now I been here in K-11 eight months waiting for the judge to sort it out. Bunch of weirdos in here with me as well, but they’re ok I guess. In fact there’s one or two I’d do….. Anyway, some bird called Kay Kay keeps following me around like a puppy. Fine by me. She gives me her jello at chow time and keeps Mousey away from me so whatever. They’ll see, I’m gonna quit the drugs this time and get the band back together.”

Billy Morrison:  Music was my escape, from the moment I saw the Sex Pistols on TV when I was a kid. I watched the adults lose their minds with disgust and realized that I had a way out – a creative outlet for the crazy shit inside my head. And that was it – I got a guitar, learnt three chords, and turned it up loud. Started forming bands and playing locally, but a period of, shall we say, “narcotic experimentation” intervened with my plans and dreams. 14 years later and I emerged from the haze with a passion and drive that still lives inside me today. When one of my bands signed to Geffen in Los Angeles and we made the album here in LA, I fell in love with the City Of Angels and moved here. I joined rock band, ‘The Cult’ for their Beyond Good And Evil period, then went on to form ‘Camp Freddy’ with Dave Navarro, Donovan Leitch and Matt Sorum, and in 2010 I joined Billy Idol as his rhythm guitarist. But along the way, I started to act, make movies, do some TV – and my creative juices started to flow…. or pour, to be precise. I loved the atmosphere, the challenge, the whole process. And I have embraced it fully. With K-11, I got to work with amazing actors, fantastic crew, and a passionate, talented and driven director – Jules Stewart. The material was dark and gritty (which is right up my street!) and I’m sure everyone will leave the movie theatre grinning from ear to ear in that “oh my God, did I just see that??” kinda way!”

As well as his musical accomplishments, both as a solo artist, and as a founding member of Camp Freddy, Billy was a guest star in an episode of the hit TV show, ‘Californication’, has appeared in the horror movies ‘Evilution’ and Basement Jack’ amongst others, and can be seen this summer, 2012, on tour in Europe with Billy Idol. His signature model Gibson Les Paul guitar is available now.

Source K11TheFilm 

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