Sunday, 13 October 2013

Kate del Castillo in People en Español's '25 Most Powerful Women of 2013'

Kate del Castillo & Marian Gonzalez del Castillo 

Another powerful woman is included in the Mexican edition Kate del Castillo , who is not only known for her acting work, but for her performance as an ambassador against human trafficking in Mexico. "It's a problem that is growing tremendously. It's terrible, "said the actress in this edition.

That's why Kate joins forces with the activist Marian Gonzalez del Castillo , who won the vote in to be part of this list. "She is a woman who has inspired me a lot," says the artist, who along with Marian-who are not related despite having the same name, has attended shelters in her country to give encouragement to child victims of trafficking. "Apart from saving a lot of kids, [Marian] given the opportunity of a new life. She is a superwoman, "she says.

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