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Photos & Videos: 'K-11' at the Guadalajara International Film Festival (March 22)

Short video of the Q&A

Fan Photos - Q&A and screening (March 22)

Red carpet opening to the festival (March 21)

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Article (via Milenio)

In the framework of the FICG, arose the film K-11 starring Kate del Castillo, it's a drama centered on a prison dominated by homosexual characters and a transsexual, the role of the actress.

At the end of the projection of the del Castillo along with the director turned to the press. Asked Kate del Castillo on the greatest challenge which took in this character said that "was to find me with my feminine side, despite the fact that he is a man who I portrayed there are gestures that as a woman I don't and these people are very feminine". She added that prior to the shooting she researched books on gay and transgendered people and in addition to coexisted with people in them.

The director [Jules Stewart] noted that it was her first experience in this position since previously served as editor, scripts, she herself wrote the history and even though the initial idea was to find another director took a chance to direct it herself. She said she decided that the character was a woman and amongst the options that Kate del Castillo had proved perfect for his strength.

Kate del Castillo was asked about her experience of working in hollywood, the actress acknowledged that "in United States it's opening more doors, I think that every time there are more opportunities for Latinos and Mexicans." It has been a wonderful year for the Mexican cinema in terms of awards. And with much more interesting characters, we are no longer the prostitute or the maid. This is changing, slowly but is changing." [Article is google translated]

Article (via Impacto)

For the Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, one of the biggest challenges that dodged the playing a transsexual in the film "K-11", directed by the American filmmaker Jules Stewart, was find and exploit her more feminine side.

"In this film I checked that I have no problems with my masculine side, but yes it cost me to stick to my feminine side and go to the transsexual world, because they have movements that women don't have, and, moreover, do it with much respect", she said.

During the presentation of the film "K-11" at the Guadalajara International Film Festival, she said she accepted the challenge of giving life to "Mousey", as it has been a constant in her career choice with real conflicts and complex characters.

"I was very nervous the first day of the shooting, did not know the other actors nor had deepened in my own character, and yet the first scene we shot was a violation", she said.

She said that making this character lets you have an unforgettable experience; "are those things they happen only once in life and you have to take advantage of them; I had fun and learned more about a world that is still unknown and little understood by the people,"she said.

In turn, the filmmaker Jules Stewart said she chose of the del Castillo as the protagonist because she always had in mind an actress that was something more than that, and no mistake, because she considered that it is the essential part to tell a strong story.

The film has no distributor in Mexico, but it was exhibited in the United States: "to start an independent project always is difficult in every way; from shooting, almost all of the movie was filmed in a small room where we had to be up to 64 people, so it was a great challenge", she said.

Del Castillo trusts that the movie has a good reception by the Mexican public in the FIGC, then a commercial run. [Article is google translated]

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