Saturday, 20 August 2011

Kate del Castillo talks in detail about her role in K-11 (Terra)

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Kate del Castillo agrees that faces a huge challenge to give life to a transsexual in the U.S. film 'K-11'. 

The film addresses the story of a young and successful music producer who, after a three-day drunk, wakes up in a special unit of a Los Angeles jail, where prisoners are confined most vulnerable and also reigns of the fittest : that of a transsexual named 'Mousey'. 

"My character is called 'Julio Ruiz' but is better known as 'Mousey'. The script is brilliant, original, and my character is a risk and a challenge that only occur once in life. I am in the film, is one of the main characters. Everything surprises me, love my job, every day I thank God for being able to do what I like and receive money in return. I enjoy a lot, "Kate said in an interview via e- mail. 

This independent film is led by newcomer Jules Mann Stewart, known for his work as writer and supervising producer of 'Mortal Kombat' and 'Sixth Day', besides being the mother of actors Cameron and Kristen Stewart. 

The title refers to the actual name of a module of prison, 'K 11, which was confined to gay men to avoid being attacked in other parts of the prison. "K-11 is a unit within the prison where they have segregated all prisoners who are gay, bisexual and transgender people, so that not only addresses the issue (transsexual), he lives." The character comes to me at a time which I am prepared to play a role so difficult and so complex. It is a great opportunity, I am very lucky, "said the Mexican. 

In the film she shares scenes with Goran Visnjic, DB Sweeney, Portia Doubleday, Tara Buck and Tommy Lister, and she requires a comprehensive characterization work to completely change their image, because your body is riddled with tattoos and piercings. "It takes me four hours to make, and one hour of tattoos that I have throughout the body. I really look like a transvestite, is impressive change, the people's work of art and makeup is incredible." 

The preparation has also required a thorough investigation on the subject, not to fall into clichés or prejudices. "I got to the person 'coachee' to Felicity Huffman in 'Transamerica' and helped me a lot, plus all the research I did on prisons, the K-11 and transsexuality. I believe that no person is prepared to live what is live in there. No person in reality we are prepared to live anything, there is no preparation for living, so just do what I can and research before you start, understanding and not judging my character. " 

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