Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Kate del Castillo mentions K-11 in a new interview

If someone could say goodbye to 2011 as a queen its Kate del Castillo.

The interpretation of the drug dealer Teresa Mendoza on the small screen not only earned her success in Mexico, but also in the U.S., where 'The Queen of the South' was to produce Telemundo's most successful in obtaining an average of 3 million viewers.

"(The success) I think is a gift that life gives me an extra, plus you do not expect one that always makes you feel it was worth the effort and tears," said the actress, 39 years of age.

This story also conquered Spain with 3.19 million viewers, so consider it a success in her career.

"I guess so, you only know with time, but television has definitely been the most important thing I have done and what I have left positive things," she said.

If there is anything that left the intrepid Teresa Mendoza, personally, was learning.

"Strength, motivation, training and learning," he said.

The struggle in the U.S.

More than eight years, Kate decided to leave her "comfort zone" in Mexico, where she was considered a television star, to move to Los Angeles and try her luck.

At that time she participated in some films and knocked on doors in hopes of being hired for other projects of weight.

"Maybe to start from zero, out of my comfort zone in Mexico, and strive to work 10 times, have have to adjust economically," said the actress, who entered Mexican television in 1991 as a star of the telenovela Muchachitas.

Currently, the daughter of Eric del Castillo and Kate Negrete Trillo lives an important moment in her career of 20 years, because you can still work for the Hispanic audience to do an action star in the series in English CSI: Miami, where she shared credits with the protagonist, David Caruso.

"Several projects have fed me as an actress and as a woman," he said.

Now in her status as a "queen", health, fame and money, Kate believes that there are many things still missing to feel full.

The celebration

Surrounded by her family and happy for the achievements during the year is how Kate comes into 2012.

"The 2011 experience left me. The collection of comprehensive work in The Queen of the South, the fruits of success, which is a gift ... carrying a couple of projects, " she said.

2012 starts on the right foot, as it brings the premiere of the movie K-11, a film directed by Jules Mann-Stewart, who hired her for the lead role, no less than for a transsexual named Mousey.

"There are several projects, some mine, some not. Premiere of a film I made a couple of months ago called K-11. And there are a couple of offers, " she concluded.

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