Saturday, 11 February 2012

Kate del Castillo mentions K-11 in a new interview

Kate del Castillo believes that her performance in the series “La Reina del Sur” was a great gift in a statement according to El Caribe.

“Teresa is a character that I really enjoyed, as I have never enjoyed anything else,” the 39 year-old actresses said on Tuesday to The Associated Press.

“For me (she) is an icon ...the audience took a Teresa Mendoza in ...  (she) is the icon of the strong woman whom raises their voice, one who does not let herself be beat by anyone.”

Del Castillo is delighted because the soap will air on the Mun2 channel starting February 19.

“I am delighted to pass it again with English subtitles,” said the Mexican actress, adding that she prefers subtitles to dubbing, so that the essence of the characters isn’t lost.

More than a telenovela, Kate Del Castillo defined “La Reina del Sur”, as a set with a bold format.
“It’s too short to be soap opera ...  with a higher risk… I love that they have gone ahead with everything and have not been afraid,” said the actress.

During its original broadcast on Telemundo, the hit series broke record ratings for the station.
“La Reina del Sur”, based on the book by Spanish author Arturo Perez-Reverte, chronicling the adventures of a woman that by circumstantial issues becomes a powerful drug lord.

For Kate Del Castillo, public acceptance related to the characteristics of the antagonistic heroine.
“We’re not idealizing the typical protagonist who is perfect and angelic ... Teresa is a woman who makes mistakes ... not a moralist, she is open to everything.” said Del Castillo, adding that modern women no longer identify with passive characters.

“La Reina del Sur” is but a chapter in the life of the artist. “It will always be in my heart and was a watershed (decisive moment) in both my artistic life and my personal life.”

New projects have come for Castillo at the end of the hit series.

“I just got back from Mexico to make a movie called “Colosio” ... its really good…  and perhaps will cause more controversy in my life?” She smiled and added that there is another film that will give plenty to talk about “K-11” in which she plays a transsexual.

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