Thursday, 8 March 2012

K-11's costume designer, Sarah Trost, and her work in the movie "The FP"

Sarah Trost, who is the costume designer on K-11, worked on the indie-movie 'The FP' which is being released in the US on March 16.

The movie is a real family affair. It stars brother Jason, who is also a writer & director of the movie. Their brother, Brandon also a writer, director and cinematographer on 'The FP'. Ron Trost, their father, is in charge of special effects.

For more details you can go to their IMDB page.

Here are a few pictures of the designs created by Sarah for 'The FP'. 
Click on each image for a larger view.

Excited to see her work for K-11. :)

To see the full costume gallery for 'The FP' go here at Sarah's site.


Visit the whole site to see all of Sarah's amazing work.

Pre-warning trailer contains explicit language.

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