Saturday, 8 September 2012

Jules Stewart signs on to direct 'The Locked House'

Jules Stewart, the mother of actress Kristen Stewart, has signed on to direct “The Locked House,”  Libertine Films announced Thursday.

Written by Serena Tarica and Matthew Burke, “The Locked House” centers around a 15th-century Chinese temple that is unearthed and moved to the U.S. by a billionaire, a process which upsets the ancient spirits inside.

Libertine Films President Tom Wright will produce the supernatural thriller. "We are all very excited about the potential of ‘Locked House’ and feel it’s the perfect follow-up to Stewart’s directorial debut ‘K-11,’” said Wright.

Libertine Films is also producing three other movies: a Big Band-era love story called “Swingfully Yours," a thriller about the political cover-up of a space mission's discoveries called “Mars On Gossamer Wings” and the romantic comedy “Tomfoolery.”

TheWrap via @SabrinaInc

And tweets with the announcement: 

Congrats team! Exciting news for Libertine! :) 

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