Saturday, 2 March 2013

CineMayhem Film Festival founder, Heather Wixson, praises Jules Stewart on K-11

The CineMayhem festival is a rare chance for casual fans to take in low-budget horror films they might not otherwise see — including “K-11,” the directorial debut of “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart’s mother, Jules Stewart, a longtime Hollywood script supervisor.

Jules Stewart’s “K-11,” about a music executive trapped in a prison, is the penultimate film in the Sunday lineup, preceding that day’s closer “Resolution.”

[Festival founder] Heather Wixson, said “K-11” is “a very bold movie,” and she saluted Stewart.

“She takes a lot of risks in this,” Wixson said. “It’s a remarkable directorial debut, the way she tells these fun little stories involving weird characters in a prison.”

Source VCStar via with thanks to @KstewAngel


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