Thursday, 28 July 2011

K-11 Keeps Working Kristen Stewart Connection! (E!Online)

And so another game of he said/she said concerning our girl Kristen Stewart begins!

While sources very in-the-know about K.Stew's movie schedule told us that the Twilight babe wasn't planning on biting into a role in her mom's directorial debut (and hadn't been in a tres long time), peeps working on K-11 are singing a totally different tune.

So what's the word this time? And does it even matter?

A rep for K-11 tells us exclusively that, "Kristen was originally attached to participate but is unable to because of her shooting schedule with Snow White and The Huntsman. She is still wildly supportive of K-11 and Jules Stewart's directorial debut and her brother's [Cameron Stewart] theatrical debut."

Well, duh. Of course she's happy her fam is finding T-town success. We are, too!

And we certainly never said otherwise. Just that her connection to the film lasted a lot longer than she ever did. But that's the exact deet that is up for dispute: how long exactly was Kristen attached to star in the flick?

"Kristen had always planned to do K-11," a source close to the film promises. "It's all not as sensational as posted, but the simple reality is that it came down to a scheduling conflict."

Point is: They want you to know that if she weren't wielding a sword opposite Chris Hemsworth, she'd be getting acquainted with the inner workings of the L.A. prison system right about now.

So see the movie! Because it's what K.Stew would want you to do!

And we still say we think the slammer stuff is more K.Stew's speed anyways. 'Cause the role she was supposed to play is described as "a beautiful young waif named Butterfly" who, get this, is a transgender man.

How chic-ly controversial, no?

And to the actress playing Butterfly now—that's Portia Doubleday—we wish you luck, babe! You've got some big, Stewart shoes to fill.

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