Thursday, 15 March 2012

HQ still of Kate del Castillo as Mousey

In this official still, we see Mousey (played by Kate Del Castillo), a transexual diva who rules over the inmates in K-11. What do you think of Kate's look and costume (designed by Sarah Trost)?


  1. That good costume and makeup. I congratulate you.
    Kate looks spectacular

    1. She does look great, doesn't she? Can not wait to see what else the costume and makeup team have come have done to bring the story to life.

  2. --- A prison movie ? OMG if this turns out to be some kind of exploitation movie that glamorizes and sexualizes TS women, I'm gonna scream!! Given the problems we have with how TG men and women are treated by the criminal justice system and the police, this K-11 movie could turn out to be an even bigger insult that Ticked off "T's" w/knives.

    That (K-11) used to be the name of the trans/gay section of LA County Jail....If this is true that is really disgusting, because that is a REAL place trans women go to and get mistreated.