Thursday, 15 March 2012

Kate del Castillo: Like Never Before (Telemundo Chicago)

Kate del Castillo surprised her fans in her new film called "K-11", she plays a transsexual named "Mousey".

 The character promises a wide range of emotions, as well as being a man who is transformed into a woman, too heavy-handed controls a section of the central prison of the County of Los Angeles, called precisely "K-11".

 Note that this section exists in real life and is a sector of the prison exclusively for homosexuals and transsexuals.

 The direction of the film by Jules Stewart, who until now had made ​​a career as a screenwriter, but it certainly is most famous for being the mother of Kristen Stewart, star of the film series "Twilight."

 The premiere of "K-11" in the U.S. is scheduled for the upcoming fall season.

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