Tuesday, 27 March 2012

An introduction to Luis Moncada & his character in K-11

Shyboy: I am in K-11 for (ADW) Assault with a Deadly Weapon and ended up in K-11 because my homeboy Mousey had a lot of pull and pulled me away from the mainline to be the muscle behind the power together with Sledgehammer (Cameron Stewart) in K-11.

Luis Moncada: I was born in Honduras and came to the US when I was young.  My mother was a single mother raising 3 boys in some of the rougher areas of Los Angeles.  I joined a gang, went to prison a couple of times, got out, and met my wife who happened to be a federal parole officer (not mine LOL).  She gave me the little extra push I needed.  That’s when I really started to change my life around.

Most of my friends from the neighborhood were serving life sentences or dead.  I realized this was not the life I wanted to live anymore.  Luck does happen- I never intended to be an “actor.”  I was working security on a film when a day player failed to show.  The director approached me and offered me his role in a movie.  The day player gig turned into a month of work and the start of my career.  I figured, why not- I didn’t need to act much to play these roles.  I had lived the life.  Soon I realized I had something unique to offer Hollywood.  For years Hollywood cast “actors” to play gangsters or prison roles, but I offered the real deal.  I am able to bring my real life experience to set.  These parts opened doors that gave me the opportunity to expand my character to play more intricate roles.

The most important role I played was a mentor.  When I started doing motivational speaking, the kids I talked to saw a way out that many of us didn’t know existed.  I was able to relate to these kids and they were able to relate to me.  I know the struggles that they go through.  I understood how it was growing up in some of the rougher areas.  These kids were inspired and offered a new hope.  So I became a mentor to the kids that were once just like me.

In my free time I enjoy boxing and Muy Thai fighting.  I have been able to get some of these kids off the street and into the gym where I train them to use their aggression in the ring and not in the streets.

Luis Moncada has been acting in movies and television for over ten years.  His television experience includes roles on Breaking Bad, Dexter, Castle, The Mentalist, Common Law and CSI: Miami.  His movie experience includes roles in Collateral, Fast and Furious, and K-11.

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