Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Kate del Castillo talks Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race & K-11

Kate del Castillo is preparing to face on wheels with celebrities from film, television, sports, music and fashion in the competitive car race Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race, celebrated on 14 April.

In the event, which takes place prior to the Grand Prix of Long Beach, California, the Mexican actress will be going against Adrien Brody, Christopher Meloni & Scott Porter, and others with the objective to help children with cancer.

"I am very happy with this, first because they talked about inviting me, because I got in my mere bulk, because I love the action stuff and speed," said Kate.

"I'm fascinated, and I was in several practices and learned a lot about cars and their reactions in certain movements, as in the corners."

The actress pointed out that the race in the participate will be an urban circuit on the streets of the center of this city.

"And best of all, this race is to raise funds for children with cancer. Now it is that the money is intended to meet research seeking a cure for cancer.

"And, well, on the other hand its a super event, you know incredible people. I'm so excited, now I want to be there," admitted

Kate del Castillo said that taping K-11 was a great challenge, as it was playing Julio "Mousey" Ruiz, a transsexual who controls the prison unit where there are gay, bisexual and transgender people.

"I'm very very excited because it was a very difficult job, and work hard because I entered a world which for me was as unknown as transsexuality. But at the same time, it was very moving about the lives of these people and seeing all the things that happen.

"This experience opened my mind. It's a hard world, I really learned a lot and I'm glad I understand and accept a very different world, "she shared.

The K-11 drama, directed by Jules Stewart, tells the story of Raymond Jr. Saxx a music producer in his rampant drug induced state kills a person accidentally, so they send him to prison to the cell and there he founds "Mousey".

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