Sunday, 8 April 2012

Billy Morrison talks about writing 'My Liberty' for K-11

While I was shooting the movie K-11 last year, I got the opportunity to write a song for the closing credits of the movie. The song is called ‘My Liberty’ and was an interesting and fulfilling departure for me, musically. The movie is a dark and twisted journey through a world behind bars – a world full of sexually ‘left-of-center’ characters doing time in a special unit of the LA County jail. So the song that came out of me (out of that same place I described earlier in this blog entry!) is a more ethereal, acoustic/percussion type piece and I am really happy with the finished thing. We made a video for the song (directed by K-11 director, Jules Stewart) and the song, video and 8 page booklet will be released on I-Tunes Worldwide on June 12th. I also have some tentative plans for another summer release… an EP of six songs with a couple of friends of mine… but lets see if we can finish it before we start talking about it, right? If the plan actually DOES come together, you’ll read about it first right here.

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