Tuesday, 10 April 2012

An introduction to Ralph Cole Jnr & his character Kay-Kay

Kay-Kay:  To look at me you would not take me for an Edwin Ahlbrandt...but that's my birth name. Yuck! So I go by Kay-Kay. I am fierce. The system calls it "prostitution", I call it being a people person. They call it "possession", I call it having a few party favors. Anyway, it all led to K-11. But I am not here for life. Please know I am not like these other long time losers. I have a trade. Oh, but yes I do. I am a stylist. I do hair and eyebrows. I am clearly something to look at and be aware of. Because of my talents, I am respected and left alone. Mousey rules the joint and that's fine cause these bitches can be ruffff! And now that I am all teamed up with Hollywood...I am a celebrity stylist. So, learn it.

Ralph Cole, Jr.: I was born to perform. As an only child I thrived on make believe and vivid imagination. It started in Los Angeles, then New York City for twenty years and now back home! Living on both coasts profoundly shaped my experience and approach to acting. I am energetic and enjoy using my phenomenal comic timing. With life experience comes tremendous memories which facilitate creating darker roles. I was raised by two supportive parents which has resulted in my boundless zest for life and instilled confidence. Combined, this makes my acting journey palatable and rewarding.

Ralph received both the prestigious NAACP Theater Award for Best Supporting Actor and the Pasadena Playhouse's FRED Award for his creation of the plum role "Babaloo" in Larry Hart's Sisterella produced by Robert DeNiro and the late, great Michael Jackson. Network TV like Desperate Housewives and Two and a Half Men coupled with film appearances in The Soloist and Eating Out: The Open Weekend, round out his credits.

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