Thursday, 14 March 2013

Kate del Castillo talks about working with Jules Stewart on K-11

Google translated, so part of the translation may not be exact.

How was the experience of being directed by a woman as Jules Stewart?

"She is a great leader and is very good at whats she does. This film is her directorial debut. Jules worked as a script supervisor in Hollywood for many years, allowing you to have the film that was cut from her mind. It does not take more, which lightened and made ​​the film very easy to run. Furthermore, it is an independent film, low-budget time limit had ".

After 'K-11' what comes to Kate del Castillo ?

"Comes the film 'No Good Deed', where I do a special character. I'm also filming a web series which is being done in Miami at Homestead tracks. This is the Nascar, which sponsors us.

It's a story that I'm producing along with Univision Studios and will air on the web and on television and then film. I feel very happy because this is the second production where I act and produce. I enjoy a lot because I do my own 'little film' that car is. I love everything that has to do with adrenaline and action, "concluded Kate.

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