Monday, 11 March 2013

Scott Marks from the San Diego Reader talks about meeting Kate del Castillo & Tiny Lister at the SDLFF

The phone rang just as I was pulling into the parking stall at Digiplex Mission Valley. "Where are you, man?" a familiar voice growled. "I'm upstairs in a holding area."

When we spoke earlier in the week, 'Tiny' Lister assured me that he was coming to San Diego for the Latino Film Festival's premier of his latest film, K 11. 'Tiny' is a man of his word!

Festival programmer, Glenn Heath, had this bemused "I can't believe this is happening" look on his face as he escorted me upstairs to meet the man. It didn't take long for me to spot 'Tiny's' broad, door jamb splintering shoulders in a crowd.

Shaking hands with 'Tiny' was like sticking my mitt in a vise and meeting him was a thrill beyond compare. If only I had the chance to introduce myself before photogs snapped our picture.

With all due respect to Mr. Lister, 'Tiny' wasn't the main attraction. Fans packed the lobby of Digiplex Mission Valley hoping to get a glimpse of Mexican superstar, Kate del Castillo. Watching the mob funnel its way past the ticket-taker was the closest I've come to a Day of the Locust moment since moving to San Diego.

K 11 was my first introduction to the comely Ms. del Castillo. After seeing her performance as Mousey, the foul-mouthed, tyrannical tranny inmate, it wasn't clear if this crowd, weaned on the actresses popular telenovelas, was ready for such a bold departure.

Meeting Kate in person was a bit of a jolt. Her makeup man should either get an Oscar or prison time.

You still have a shot at seeing K 11. It's the inaugural film when the Media Arts Center opens the Digital Gym, its new screening facility, on March 29. Click for the festival program book and more information.

Thanks to @KstewAngel for the heads up. 

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