Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Kate del Castillo talks about her role in K-11 (AP)

Kate gives life to a transgender prisoner in her next movie. But far
from worrying about critiques, the Mexican actress, who has played as
an exotic dancer and even a drug trafficker in other films, said that
her new role has helped her grow professionally.

"It was one of those opportunities that you get once in a life time."
said the star of Television and Cinema to The Associated Press. It was
a big challenge, it was a risk but i like it that it a character that
is going to cause a reaction." "If not what is the point?"

Del Castillo gives life to Julio "Mousey" Ruiz in "K-11", Section in a
Los Angeles prison that houses homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals and
transgender. Mousey is the killer in the special unit in which record
producer, Raymond Saxx Jr. (Goran Visnjic) gets thrown into. He will
have to learn to endure the power of K-11 to survive.

With scarce clothing, long painted eyebrows, her hair disheveled and
tattoos on the chest, forearms and navel, the actress has a
threatening and androgynous look in the film.

"She's basically the queen of K-11, she's a woman, a transsexual that
hasn't gotten all the operations and that has a special bond with the
lead. She is a woman filled with psychological traumas but with an
incredible security, she's a drug addict and violent but you learn to
love her," explained Del Castillo about her character.

The film also includes scenes with violence, drugs and rapes, "all the
normal things," that happen in jail cells according to the film
director, Jules Stewart.

"I didn't have to try to make the film controversial but it has all
those elements," explained the film maker (mother of Twilight actress,
 Kristen Stewart.)

Therefore the actress who defied the boundaries of censorship in the
series "La Reina del Sur- The Queen of the South" by kissing another
actress in a scene, dismissed the criticism ahead of time that "K-11"
may cause, to emphasize that her role was only a big challenge, a job
that any actress would like be able to interpret.

"I really appreciate this role because not many actresses have had
 this opportunity." said the star of 'Bajo la misma Luna' and 'Tarde,'
"What people say is just criticism spurred from so much ignorance, who
just want to see the negative when one is trying to pursue a career."

To give life to Mousey, the actress had to start from scratch, not
knowing much about transgender people in prison.

"Before the film I was not connected with the transsexual. I got a
consultant, Felicity Huffman from " Transamerica, " who introduced me
 to that world. I read every book I could and watched all the movies I
 could, and looked for information online to see that which is like a
 faraway world to us, on which there is much ignorance, "she said.

 Her performance left the director happy and satisfied who said she was
extremely talented.

"Kate was the first actress I hired. I saw her on TV and saw that she
is an incredible actress and versatile," said Stewart, who directed
her first film. "In 'K-11' "She not only dominates the unit but also the film."

The film was completed last year and is in process of distribution.
Portia Doubleday and Tara Buck also play as transgendered inmates.

Translated from Spanish by @RobstenDreams Thank you!  

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