Tuesday, 22 May 2012

An introduction to Lou Beatty Jr & his character in K-11, 'Granny'

Granny: I’m the oldest inmate in the K-11 facility. In 1956 I was a just young and naive negro kid who hitched a ride with two acquaintances. They stopped at a rural California gas station where they robbed and killed the owner while I sat in the car clueless. They were sentenced to life and although they eventually admitted that I had nothing to do with the crime, my life was changed forever. For over 50 years now, I’ve been in and out of the penal system, mostly petty, victim-less crimes. It wasn’t easy in those days, especially being a gay black man with an 8th grade education and no special skills, but once I was classified K-11 by the LA County Sheriff’s, I have at least found a home of sorts. I like being the custodian and parent figure to the other K-11 inmates. Unfortunately, just like me, they always seem to come back, but we do look out for each other because for most of us, we’re the only family we have.

Lou Beatty, Jr.: I am a character actor and love playing anything that goes against type. For over 30 years I have done a lot of Stage, Television, Film and now Video game roles. Currently, I am a series regular on Betty White’s ” Off  Their Rockers ” on NBC and I am rehearsing a 2 person play called “No Body Walks Like My daddy” for the D.C. Black Theatre Festival in June. Recently, I shot 2 commercials and a pilot “County “. It is great to be working, especially with the likes of Jules Stewart the director of “K-11″ who inspires her cast and crew to do great things because we feel that we are a part of the process.

Lou Beatty, Jr. has had guest star roles on NCIS, CSI MIAMI, Cold Case, Without A Trace, E.R., Las Vegas, Boston Legal, and others. Films include Fast & Furious, Van Wilder and Hard to Kill. Lou has also done a lot of television commercials and many stage roles as well.

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