Monday, 30 April 2012

An introduction to Cameron Stewart & his character 'Sledgehammer'

Sledgehammer: Ronny Curren here, straight out of Venice California and proud Soldier of the Aryan Brotherhood. By fourteen I was already hooked on meth, so yeah, I was a “tweaker”, which only means I got in a lot of fucking fights. Now, I’m not gonna say I won them all, but they call me ‘Sledgehammer’ because I took a few of those bastards down with a single hammer-fist to the face. So, I’ve pretty much tried and done it all, which is why I’m in K11. This time, it’s intent to sell, resisting arrest, and whatever else they can throw at me, what the hell difference does it make. At least I’ve teamed up with Shyboy and together we look after Mousey and her drug trade for a little taste of the product. When it comes to love, it doesn’t exist and I’ll take whatever I can get.  I don’t really care who it is, as long as I get what I want, when I want it.  Know this!

Cameron: I grew up in Los Angeles as a “movie brat” because my whole family is in the motion picture business. After I graduated high school, I joined Local 80 of the IATSE as one of the youngest Grips in town. It’s really long hours but love my job and working with the guys.  Playing Sledgehammer in K-11 was my first acting gig and I wasn’t too sure about it at first but since my mom was directing, I wanted to be part of it. I knew she put together a great cast, really cool crew and it didn’t take long for us all to become friends. Besides, when I wasn’t in front of the camera, I was working with all my grip brothers. We have a cool little film and I’m really proud of my mom, I hope you like, but don’t get in Sledgehammer’s driveway, he’s got real heavy hands!

Cameron Stewart is making his acting debut in the film K-11.

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