Monday, 18 March 2013

Fan Reviews and Reactions *Spoiler Free*

My thoughts on K-11. A very raw,sometimes visceral film,but all in all,a really good film. Ms.Mann-Stewart's freshman foray into the directorial realm is very,very admirable. The camera angles,the continuity,and the way the script handled the no doubt very harsh subject matter is to be commended. There are moments in which you will cringe,and other's which will reduce you to tears,tears of happiness,but also tears of sadness and shock.While there are some very harsh,and in some cases very violent scenes in this film, the one thing that stuck with me most of all was how Ms.Mann-Stewart brought out the humanity and frailty of many of the characters. The longing to change their lives,and also the longing to be accepted. The film is,in a sense, a cross between Kafka and Alice in Wonderland. Kate Del Castillo,Portia Doubleday,and Goran Visjnic delivered incredibly stellar performances. If you get a chance,or wish to do so,please see this film. See it with an unclouded and objective pair of eyes. It really is a good,good film.

Thank you to all for watching K-11 and letting us know your thoughts. Keep them coming and we'll post them. :)

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