Monday, 18 March 2013

Review: Jules Stewart’s debut delivers the 'most eclectic mix of prison characters since HBO’s OZ' (Cinema Assassin)

A record producer is wrongfully put into LA counties LGBT unit know as K-11,rampant with  corruption with a dorm run by the transsexual mousey

Raymond Saxx (Goren Visnjic) has woken up in jail semi coherent still under the effects of drugs and alcohol and  rather than being in general population he finds himself in K-11.  Ray tries  to figure out what has happened to him while simultaneously trying to survive in the dorm which is ruled by Mousey (Kate del Castillo) a transsexual who is in a relationship with Sgt. Johnson (DB Sweeney)  the corrupt guard who thinks he runs the whole show.

First time Director Jules Stewart(yes she is Kristen’s mother) brings together the most eclectic mix of characters in a prison drama since HBO’s OZ. The lines of gay and straight get blurred, with menace always in the air. Slowly unfolding the details as to why Raymond is in jail in the first place, as well as a multitude of subplots regarding the inmates. Jules has virtually the entire cast playing against type yet pulling it of. While not being familiar with Kate del Castillo’ work her turn as Mousey was successfully convincing, the spit fire Latina is first introduced with a five o clock shadow and a don’t challenge me attitude she runs k-11 and the dorm knows it. Her turn as a chick with a dick is so convincing It wasn’t till after the film that I found out her actual gender. Jason Mewes shows he is more than just smokin weed and saying snoogins in Kevin Smith films,  he has some dramatic acting chops as Mousey’s bitch running the drug operation. It’s nice to know there is more than just comedy in his repertoire. The standout of the film is easily DB Sweeney  as Sgt Johnson Sweeney   completely transformed himself and became the character, if you long for the guy from “the cutting edge” you have come to the wrong place. This guy is just such a, disgusting and morally bankrupt person that you can’t help but be impressed, I never realized he had it in him.

The dorm is depressing, the place is corrupt and we have a successful guy thrown into the deep waters while  we watch him assimilate into the most foreign of territories. Drugs, Rape, Gender Identity, homosexuality, are all a backdrop for Ray’s story. Jules makes a successful debut delivering an intriguing story with a sly twist at the end that ties things up better than duct tape at a tranny convention.

Grade – 83

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