Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Kate del Castillo's 'Mousey': This Month’s Craziest B**ch on Screen (Out Magazine)

Why you need to watch K-11 and what Kate del Castillo has to do with K-Stew:

Kristen Stewart’s mom, Jules, directed. Her brother pops up with a mohawk. Even the Twilight ingénue herself has a vocal cameo. But the reason to watch the cracked new drama K-11 has nothing to do with pouty old Bella Swan.

Set in a section of an L.A. slammer reserved for LGBT prisoners (bear with us), the movie follows Raymond (Goran Visnjic), a music exec who winds up in the tank and quickly learns that the only person with any muscle is Mousey, a Divine-esque MTF gangbanger (Kate del Castillo, pictured) who, when not pounding other inmates’ faces into bedframes, is forcing them to werrrk it in a jailhouse fashion show.

Yep, absurd and offensive. But she’s a hell of a lot cooler than some vampire who glitters in the sunlight.

But as del Castillo recently explained: "In a way, because I’m a romantic and I will always be, to me, I think it’s also a love story. It is. So that’s the way I see the movie. I think it’s amazing. I think Jules [Stewart] did an amazing job with her opera prima."

K-11 is in select theaters or On Demand. 

Source Out Magazine

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